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Community for fic prompts, all pairings

Hi guys! I'm here to inform you of a new community: clinicduty. In order to survive the wait for S7, we'll be filling loads of prompts for any ship, including House/Stacy--and anything else you guys might ship, canon or total crack. We'll also have things such as an Anon!Kink Meme, as well as a Fic Exchange (which could most definitely happen more than once, depending on how many participants we have), possibly a Weekly Prompt Battle, as well as any other ideas I might get. Go to the community for more information. DO KEEP IN MIND: THIS IS A MULTISHIP COMMUNITY, NOT JUST HOUSE/STACY. PLEASE STOP BY THE PROFILE AND READ THE RULES FIRST.

You'll have to join in order to post. Hope to see you all there!
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