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I wrote a series of short fics for 100_situations back in 2009 (it took a while to get them all up and ready to read), but they've all been posted into a linked series over on The Archive of Our Own (shorthanded as AO3 in many places). Here are the major details:

Title: None Goes His Way Alone
Author: Highlander II
Rating: ranges from PG - NC-17 and everything in-between
Pairings: House/Stacy, House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase, Stacy/Mark Warner
Warnings: (skip) Content ranges from vanilla, to angst, to minor kink, to character death, reactions to a miscarriage, adultery, swearing, fights, lover's quarrels, non-canonical children, etc. Apologies if I've missed something within them all that is a trigger for someone, this series runs the gamut.
Summary: The relationship between House and Stacy is long and interesting. Even when they're not together physically, there is still a bond between them, no matter what they do, where they go or who they're with. The other always seems to be there.

This series walks through many aspects of their lives, from when they first met through long after they've gone their separate ways. It's happy, sad, angsty, funny and all manners of things in between... with only one minor divergence from the canonical timeline once we get to Season 5.

Notes: I chose House/Stacy as my character/pairing of choice for all 100 situations and while each story is not specifically about the two of them being together, they are all, in some way, about their relationship. It is canon through most of Season 5. The break point is that House doesn't start to see dead people, thus does not end up at Mayfield. Cameron and Chase do get married, but... well, if I tell you here, that ruins the story. *g*

The series is laid out in the order in which I wrote the fics, not in the chronological order in which they take place.

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Community for fic prompts, all pairings

Hi guys! I'm here to inform you of a new community: clinicduty. In order to survive the wait for S7, we'll be filling loads of prompts for any ship, including House/Stacy--and anything else you guys might ship, canon or total crack. We'll also have things such as an Anon!Kink Meme, as well as a Fic Exchange (which could most definitely happen more than once, depending on how many participants we have), possibly a Weekly Prompt Battle, as well as any other ideas I might get. Go to the community for more information. DO KEEP IN MIND: THIS IS A MULTISHIP COMMUNITY, NOT JUST HOUSE/STACY. PLEASE STOP BY THE PROFILE AND READ THE RULES FIRST.

You'll have to join in order to post. Hope to see you all there!
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House Fic: Hold Fast to the Fury

TITLE: Hold Fast to the Fury
AUTHOR: shutterbug_12
PAIRING: Stacy-centric; House/Stacy
SUMMARY: She reserved her weaknesses for the roof. Not for him.
DISCLAIMER: Don't own them. Make love, not lawsuits.
NOTES: Set pre-series. Written for 25lively for this photo prompt. 345 words. Feedback and concrit is love.

( She reserved her weaknesses for the roof--the sky, the dim ambient light from Princeton storefronts and university halls. Not for him. )

New House/Stacy Fic: Speak In Different Voices

Title: Speak In Different Voices
Author: joe_pike_junior, AKA Armchair Elvis
Pairing: House/Stacy, House/Wilson friendship.
Warnings: Dark themes and swearing.

Summary: All House can hope for is something approaching equilibrium.

Notes: Thanks to pwcorgigirl for nitpicking and topaz_eyes for reminding me not to forget this one.

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House considered it to his credit that he’d realised that something was wrong at all.

His girlfriend was broadcasting her displeasure in signals, and while House could easily tell the difference between a rash caused by erythema multiforme and one caused by varicella, he found Stacy's communication much more mystifying.

Read it at my journal.
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2010 Rock The House Awards Nominations OPEN

Misty and I are planning an extended trip to visit with family and friends...and show off Elan! He's just the light of my life!!!! 

In light of that, we have opened nominations one month early. The 2010 schedule has changed drastically, nominations will close on January 31, 2010. As with last year, Membership is required for those who wish to nominate and vote. If you are already registered with the site just sign in and start nominating.  Please see our updated Rules & Guidelines before nominating as we have several changes this time around.

We hope to have a larger program this time around but, of course, that will all depend on the fans. The more nominations we receive the more categories we can open and the more House, MD works we can bring together.

Please see our site for all of the details.  thehouseisrocking.webs.com

Nominate! Nominate! Nominate! So we can get this House Rockin'!




I created a House M.D. drabble community called housemd_100 and I really hope some of you might join to make sure this pairing is properly represented there. It wouldn’t be complete without House/Stacy. :)

Kate (sunset_my_house)

P.S. Dear Mods, if this isn’t allowed, I will delete the post immediately, but I didn't know which of you to contact to ask.